Celebrating Earth day at Code4Bots

Earth Day at Code4Bots

Celebrating Earth Day at Code4Bots

“We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children.”
-Native American Proverb

At Code4Bots we Celebrate Earth Day. Show us your love for Mother Earth by planting a tree or a bush, take a picture of it and post it in the comments section.

In return we will send you a $10 discount promo code to apply towards any new order you place at https://code4bots.com/camps/ by 04/25/2021.


STEM Summer Camps

STEM Summer Camps

STEM Summer Camps

Students will learn STEAM concepts through engaging project-based learning. 

Our weekly camps allows our participants to complete projects in robotics, coding, animation, or circuitry. 

Find out more about our Summer Camps at www.code4bots.com/camps or give us a call at (210) 951-9357.


Enable and Empower Future Generations

enable and empower future generations

Enable and Empower Future Generations

Code4Bots a Robotics and Coding Learning Center, was founded with a very specific purpose in mind; 

To enable and empower our future generations to have the skills necessary to succeed. 🙌 

Learn about our programs at www.code4bots.com or call us at (210) 951-9357.


Online Robotics Classes

Online Robotics Curriculum

Online Robotics Curriculum

Our Online Robotics curriculum is a unique blend of gaining the technical skill of robotics and STEM knowledge.

Students will receive hands-on learning experience with instructor-led classes and tool kits on robotics from their comfort of their home.

Learn more about our online programs at https://code4bots.com/online-programs/

Or call us at (210) 951-9357.