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Building & Coding Robots
Builds Confidence in Kids

Your child will explore the exciting world of robotics and engineering  through STEM learning. The program combines the versatility of award  winning robots and intuitive drag-and-drop programming software. This adventure encourages teamwork, problem solving, and creativity.

 Demand for programming skills will only increase in the future and STEM learning with Code4Bots enables kids to learn these skills from a young age.  In our After School Programs student will explore visual programming, build robots that use motors, program and utilize different sensors, as well as develop structural design skills.

CISD After School robotics classes

Robotics and Coding is Fun and Easy with Code4Bots unique Six Step Process

Code4Bots has researched award winning robots
Learning about robots and coding can be fun. We have done our research. We only use award winning Jimu Robots.
age appropriate robotics kits and classes
Age Appropriate
We target Kids ages 7+. Virtual STEM learning with Jimu Robots enables kids to learn coding from a young age.
Code4Bots promotes a safe environment for their Robotics Classes
Safe Environment
No equipment sharing, ever, allowing students to work worry free and independently.
step-by-step robotics and coding journey
Kids experience a step-by-step journey as they build their robot with 3-D instructions giving them confidence.
Coding Skills at Code4Bots
Coding Skills
Enable your child to learn and retain basic coding skills for their future academic and real world applications.
Robotics and coding project files
Project Files
Upon completion of the course, your child will keep materials and project files they created during the course.
Step 1
Step 2
Step 3
Step 4
Step 6
Step 6