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06/10/2024 – 06/14/2024


Ages 10 – 15

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Help the Bomb Squad deactivate the device! Take your robotics skills to a new level! Campers explore robotics, mechanical systems, electronics & programming as they upgrade their EV3 robots with an Arduino board that will control, motors, transmitters, servos, LED lights and a plethora of components. In this camp, we build bomb disposal robots to safely disable explosive ordnance and creatively adapt programming and problem solving skills to solve other challenges.(No real explosives will be used) Campers immerse themselves in engineering concepts, software programming and troubleshooting, as they learn about mechanical and software design, programming logic, and how to use Arduino IDE. Students will program RC transmitters and FPV (First-Person View) equipment to control their robots as they complete challenges, test their limits and compete with other teams to dismantle the (fake) explosive devices and save the day.


Cost: $449

Duration: 1 Week

Age Requirement: 10 – 15

Time: Daily 9:00 am – 4:00 pm

Extended Care is available at no additional cost: 7:30a – 9:00a and 4:00p – 5:30p


Tuition Includes

Customized curriculum + take-home projects

Arduino Basic Starter Kit (MSRP: $29.99)

Official Code4Bots diploma

Limited edition Code4Bots t-shirt

Limited edition Code4Bots water bottle

Limited edition Code4Bots bag


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