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Green Energy


05/30/2022 – 06/03/2022


Ages 6 – 10

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Investigate how energy works and discover how small bursts of creativity can unlock huge potential for the future. The learning activities and resources contained within our Green Energy curriculum allow students to explore the concept of energy as they work together over a five-day period.
Students start with an introduction to the various forms of energy and the concept that one form of energy may be transformed into another. Next, students will explore the two most prominent forms of nonrenewable energy—fossil fuels and nuclear energy. Students will also learn about the factors that affect the availability of solar energy and the two main types of solar energy we use—passive solar energy and active solar energy. Activities also include investigating hydroelectric energy, geothermal energy, and some cutting edge energy resource technologies. Students will conclude their week long exploration of energy resources by taking a look at how our use of resources for energy affects the environment.
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Cost: $249

Duration: 1 Week

Age Requirement: 6 – 10

Time: Daily 9:00 am – 12:00 pm

No extended care is offered for Half Day Camps, unless you book both morning and afternoon camps.


Tuition Includes

Customized curriculum + take-home projects

Official Code4Bots diploma

Limited edition Code4Bots t-shirt

Limited edition Code4Bots water bottle

Limited edition Code4Bots bag


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