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07/18/2022 – 07/22/2022


Ages 6-10

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During this hands-on summer camp, your child will be programming their very own microcomputer! The BBC Micro:bit is a tiny programmable computer, designed to make learning easy and fun that uses block-based coding to do many awesome things. Campers can program their microcomputer to do everything from blink to turn it into a musical instrument and make a game. This is great exposure to programming in a new and fun way. By the end of the course studens will better understand electronics concepts through handling the micro:bit independently, or with external sensors and while building practical, hands-on electronics projects. We can’t leave out our main project…Tiny:bit smart robot car.
Furthermore, campers will be well-equipped and hopefully inspired to make many more projects on the micro:bit at home.
A brand new BBC micro:bit v2 Basic Starter Kit (MSRP:$39.99) and Tiny:bit smart robot car(MSRP:$39.99) are included for the student to keep after camp.


Cost: $295

Duration: 1 Week

Age Requirement: 6 – 10

Time: Daily 1:00 pm – 4:00 pm

No extended care is offered for Half Day Camps, unless you book both morning and afternoon camps.


Tuition Includes

Customized curriculum + take-home projects

BBC micro:bit v2 Basic Starter Kit (MSRP:$39.99)

Tiny:bit smart robot car (MSRP:$39.99)

Official Code4Bots diploma

Limited edition Code4Bots t-shirt

Limited edition Code4Bots water bottle

Limited edition Code4Bots bag


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