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Ages 8 – 13

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MOVE Mini MK2 is a smart coding car for micro:bit. At our MOVE – MICRO:BIT CODING BOT summer camp we use MOVE Mini MK2 as a teaching aid to code in makecode via the micro:bit to develop children’s imagination and creativity. The combination of MOVE Mini MK2 and makecode is where the Smart Car’s magic lies. Created by the BBC, the micro:bit motherboard is a pocket-sized computer that can be programmed to operate multiple functionalities, allowing kids to easily learn programming while enjoying the journey as an entertainment activity. Throughout our camp we will play football with MOVE Mini MK2, turn it into a police car and make it be seen in the dark by automatically turning on its lights, or make it a carrier car—the possibilities are endless. As an advanced didactic aid, MOVE Mini MK2 is compatible with building bricks, allowing your kids to build and test different structures. MOVE – MICRO:BIT CODING BOT Camp, a camp that stimulates the imagination of children.
A brand new BBC micro:bit v2 (MSRP:$29.99) and a MOVE Mini MK2(MSRP:$39.99) are included for the student to keep after camp.


Cost: $249

Duration: 1 Week

Age Requirement: 8 –13

Time: Daily 1:00 pm – 4:00 pm

No extended care is offered for Half Day Camps, unless you book both morning and afternoon camps.


Tuition Includes

Customized curriculum + take-home projects

BBC micro:bit v2 (MSRP:$29.99)

MOVE Mini MK2 (MSRP:$39.99)

Official Code4Bots diploma

Limited edition Code4Bots t-shirt

Limited edition Code4Bots water bottle

Limited edition Code4Bots bag


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