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07/31/2023 – 08/04/2023


Ages 10 – 15

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Robotic vacuum cleaners, like those made by Roomba, represent the best of what our past selves expected from the future: an automated life full of robots doing our bidding. Move over Roomba! At Code4Bots Roombotics Summer Camp students will grasp the fundamentals of robotics, computer science, and engineering by designing, building and programming their very own Vacuum robot to perform simple behaviors, sounds, and movements, or tap into advanced functions including exploration, navigation and mapping. We will learn about Arduino, multiple sensors, motors and electronics. How these work independently and how to bring them all together to create our robot and have it complete autonomous tasks.
When this Summer Camp is over, students will take their very own robot vacuum with avaoince tracking (MSRP$98.98) and help with some house cleaning chores…Finally 🙂


Cost: $499

Duration: 1 Week

Age Requirement: 10 – 15

Time: Daily 9:00 am – 4:00 pm

Extended Care is available at no additional cost: 7:30a – 9:00a and 4:00p – 5:30p


Tuition Includes

Customized curriculum + take-home projects

Avoidance tracking Motor Smart Robot Car Chassis Kit (MSRP: $59.99)

Robot Vacuum Kit and Accessories (MSRP:$39.99)

Official Code4Bots diploma

Limited edition Code4Bots t-shirt

Limited edition Code4Bots water bottle

Limited edition Code4Bots bag


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